Recycling home batteries in Flanders

If you, as an installer, have bought a home battery from Solarclarity for a customer in Flanders, then you are obliged by Belgian law to take care of the recycling. Because of their composition, batteries fall under the category of chemical waste. Therefore, the installer must register each battery when imported into Belgium and if the battery is broken or exhausted, the installer must ensure proper disposal.

From January 1, 2022, an environmental contribution will be introduced for home batteries up to 200 kg. This replaces the current pay-as-you-collect system that was difficult to work with.

The new environmental contribution will apply to energy storage batteries that are linked to a decentralized energy production installation for electricity, regardless of where they are installed (ESS or Energy Storage Systems) with a maximum weight of 200 kg.

Read more about it on the Bebat website.